Spring Planting Guide 2017

Spring is here so let’s think green!  We couldn’t be happier for these extra hours of daylight & the warmer temps that are on the way.  Things are starting to green up, and those early spring buds are popping! Here’s our  Spring Planting Guide 2017!

If you haven’t already starting thinking about your garden, now’s the time! Eartheasy.com has some really great early Spring gardening tips!  Whether you keep it simple with your front lawn & some flowers or you go all out with a vegetable garden & mega landscaping, they have some hints for you:

Now’s the time to get your grass in tip-top shape!  Rake up all that winter debris, and it’ll get some light and air flowing through your lawn.  Spread grass seed over bare spots, and keep those areas watered.

Protect seedlings for those occasional hard frosts!  We love that our days are warmer, but it is still pretty chilly overnight!  Simply covering those tender sprouts with whatever you have on hand can save your future harvest! Even an upside down cardboard box with a rock on top will do!

For a complete list of their tips, click here

Want to grow your own veggies this year?  You can’t beat garden fresh vegetables in the summertime!  There are things that should be going in the dirt ASAP, and some other things should wait.  Not sure where to start?  Check out this timeline from the Farmer’s Almanac, and here are some general planting dates for you:

Here are just some of your garden favorites that should be planted in April or early May:
Most berries, including- blueberries, blackberries, raspberries & strawberries
Greens, including- lettuce, spinach & kale
Your peas can go in too, but they’ll fair all right if you wait a bit longer 😉

Not ready to plant just yet?  Check out some items that can wait until the end of May or early June before getting in the dirt:
Green or string beans

Planning on a pumpkin patch?  Save those seeds until late June!  That will ensure they don’t ripen too much before Halloween or Thanksgiving!

Don’t forget one of your best Spring planting resources: your local garden center!!  Genrich’s, Gro Moore Farms, the Garden Factory and more are all locally owned garden stores that can help you swing into spring!  Looking to bloom in a different garden?  Contact me today and I can help you make your move!


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