Rochester’s Jazz Fest 2017

The 16th annual Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival is here! Whether it’s your 16th time attending or your very first time, knowing what is coming and how to get prepared is always helpful (and exciting!) The festival will take place in “the heart of Rochester’s East End Cultural District.” The venue will be nine days long, from June 23rd to July 1st.

Here are some important things to know for Rochester’s Jazz Fest 2017:


Going to the festival itself is free, but there are several different events and venues available to purchase tickets for. the Kodak Hall at Eastman Theatre series is a ticketed series, where prices range from $25 to $115. these are available through the jazz fest website, or by calling 585-454-2060.

busker-1180843_1920You can also get a Club Pass, which is your ticket to the club series. This way, you can go to as many concerts as you want at 13 smaller clubs and venues. There are 9-day passes and 3-day passes to choose from. You can also purchase tickets for headliner shows. Club shows without a club pass cost around $30/$35 (cash only) at the door. They are first-come, first-served and no reserved seating, so make sure to get there early! You can find a list of these venues and their prices on their website.


The East End parking garage will be available for all parking for East End venues, which is on the corner of Scio Street and East Avenue. The Washington Square Garage, on 111 Woodbury Boulevard, and the NYSUT & Isaac Hearing lots, on 30 North Union Street, are available for additional parking.

Free Venues

There are several places that you can go and watch performances for absolutely free! These include:

  • Central Library of Rochester and Monroe County
  • City of Rochester Jazz Street Stage
  • City of Rochester East Avenue& Chestnut Street Stageguitars-2033566_1920
  • Rochester Regional Health Big Tent
  • City of Rochester Midtown Stage
  • Avangrid Foundation / RG&E Fusion Stage
  • Radisson Hotel Rochester Riverside

Food & Beverages

Aside from the many restaurants around the area, there will be additional food and beverage venues available to dine at. This will include several food trucks and vendors living East Main Street (between Chestnut and Gibbs), multiple vendors inside and outside Rochester Regional Health Tent, food trucks and vendors near the Midtown Stage, and at select Club Pass venues (Harro East Ballroom, Max at Eastman Place, the Little Theatre and Anthology).

A detailed overview of all of these aspects of the festival (and more) can be found:

Sit back, relax and enjoy some beautiful jazz music with your community, eat from unique and delicious vendors, and get ready for an amazing week!  Interested in living downtown?  Contact me today!


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