Featured Attractions

ristorantelucano@aol.com 585-244-3460 Northern and Southern Italian food at its best.  Outstanding wine list and great dessert
www.joebeanroasters.com 585-319-5279 Coffees from around the world, craft beers, wine, regional eats
www.thewinfieldgrill.com 585-654-8990 Hot spot for food, great bar, flat screens, and Sunday brunch
faceboof/Balsam Bagels 585-482-5080 A local favorite in the Winton/Browncroft area.  Fresh baggles, pastries, soups and sandwiches
www.restaurantgoodluck.com 585-340-6161 Mixology at its best, great food meant to be shared, Good Luck burger is a must
teamrubino@frontier.net 585-544-5680 Classic Italian ingredients of all types, world class italian sausage, take out counter and meat case second to none.
www.mamasans.com 585-461-3290 Thai and Vietnamese food, homemade and authentic soups, salads, beer and wine.  Excellent!
www.bakerstbakery.com 585-241-3120 Worth the trip just to smell the bakery, but you’ll come away with breads, pastries, and specialty bakegoods of all sorts.
www.swanmarket.com 585-288-5320 The real thing in German food, in a true European eatery style. Everything made on premises, schnitzel, red cabbage, german potatoe salad…and German beer.  Music on select Fridays at lunch